Estonian Wood Finery: Bracelets and Necklaces

These exclusive imports from Estonia are truly magnificent. There are a variety of wood species used to create these bracelets and necklaces. Oak, Rowan, Apple, Black Alder, Juniper, Ash, and Wych-Elm, each have their own unique symbolic properties in traditional Estonian lore. The Estonians often identify with the natural world and trees are perhaps one of the most obvious symbols the people employ to convey this relationship with the land.

We have these beautiful pieces in a wide variety of styles and sizing, including bracelets sized for children.

Perhaps one of the most interesting wood types is the Black Oak. These Oak logs have sat undisturbed in the mud for over 300 years before being drawn from the riverbeds to then be crafted into some of the darkest naturally occurring woodgrain in the world. Highly prized and expensive, as a crafting material it can be quite unpredictable. As well, it goes from soft and malleable to rock-hard once dried.

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For more information and images from the producer of these gorgeous pieces, see The Woodbank of Estonia. They have a more in-depth discussion of the wood materials and their unique properties.